We need to believe in feminism before we get married and raise daughters.

The Daughter Bump: Why Having Daughters Might Affect Hillary’s Votes

The “daughter bump” is actually very common when it comes to influencing our political leanings — whether that’s for voters or elected officials. In a study for the American Journal of Political Science, researchers Maya Sen and Adam Glynn found that having a daughter has a marked effect on judges’ decisions.

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I Tried To Write About Violence Against Women—But Couldn't Because Of Violence Against Women

Gender-based violence takes a personal toll—and then, by extension, an economic one.


Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice: The Dangerous Myth Of Boys Being Boys

Why does our culture rush to the defense and rationalization of boys' sexual aggression, when it’s clearly at the expense of girls?

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Man Kills Mother Of Three Because She Refused To Give Him Her Phone Number

A young mother was shot in front of her family—because a man wouldn't accept the word "no."


Confession: I Was Raped At 15

When I bought gym clothes at age 12, I had no idea that I would be raped in their presence three and a half years later.


4 Apps To Keep You Safe While You Walk Home

These clever apps will help you dismantle your post-bar crawl fears. (And the patriarchy while we're at it.)


Watch: Country Music Video Shames Rapists

Kira Isabella and her song "Quarterback!" are an empowering revelation.


The Insane Way One Man Proved that Street Harassment is Definitely Gendered

To prove a point about harassment, a Cosmo writer took to the streets with a special package.