the 80s return

God Bless The 80s: ESPRIT RETURNS

Warning: The author reminisces a lot in this piece and comes to conclusion that she has probably kept an unhealthy amount of clothing from high

Remember when all we had was sneakers?

7 Awesome Things We Have Now That Didn't Exist In The 80s — And Their Not-So-Awesome Side Effects

Are the advances worth the trade-offs? You be the judge.

Kirk 4ever

Kirk Cameron Was My First

Kirk Cameron in all his Growing Pains glory was the ideal crush. Unthreatening, goofy, good kid with very reasonable weekly conflicts. And a good smile. Always been a sucker for that.


Listen Up, Millennials! Kevin Bacon Speaks Out About '80s Awareness

Parachute pants, Blockbuster, skateboarding! We love the '80s and according to Kevin Bacon, so should today's whippersnappers.