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Talking To (And Teaching) Our Kids About 9/11

Talking with our kids about tragedy will never be easy, but it will always be important.

A mother's moment of joy, overshadowed by national tragedy. (Image Credit: Think Stock)

What It Was Like To Give Birth On 9/11

A family's day of celebration became a nation's day of mourning.

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The Last Remaining 9/11 Search Dog Has Died

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear collars and leashes.


When The World Fell Apart On 9/11, I Made Cinnamon Rolls

still make cinnamon rolls from scratch every once in a while. And every time I find myself pushing the rolling pin over the dough, I imagine I'm flattening out the despair of 14 years ago to give way to rising hope. I inhale the divine aroma and faithfully wait for the magic of the rise, and I know when it’s time, the smell with fill my kitchen with pure wonderfulness.

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In The Aftermath Of 9/11, A Home That Heals

We’ve pieced ourselves back together in a patchwork quilt of ragged emotions. The aftermath of 9/11 wasn’t easy for us, yet it was much easier than for some. People standing 50 feet away from Peter didn’t come home that night; he did.

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A Native New Yorker's Reflections On 9/11

Thirteen years later, I still remember, fondly, how New York used to be—but I can’t ever go back to it.