Image via YouTube (Kendall and Kylie)

Cultural Appropriation, Kendall Jenner, And That Pepsi Ad

How does one advertisement go so magnificently wrong, managing to center whiteness in the story of the battles of marginalized people, while playing down the horrific effects of police brutality and concluding in a white savior grand finale?

Working to stay in the moment is essential. Who doesn’t replay the past and agonize over what the future may bring? Image: Thinkstock.

Killing The Perfectionist Within: A Guide To Establishing Realistic Expectations Of Yourself

The premise Newman puts forth is that being a perfectionist emanates from a core belief that either one is “not good enough… or that one is ‘unworthy.’” This can develop as a result of “parental criticism or parental indulgence (the latter being constant praise).”

 Gap model checks herself out in the mirror while making out. Because she dresses "like no one is watching," you guys. (Credit: YouTube)

The Gap's 'Dress Normal' Ads Are Bullshit Dressed In Black And White

The Gap come autumn: where normcore and film noir cleverly collide.


KFC’s Fried Chicken Corsage: Hitting the Sweet Spot of High School Irony

Yeah, when I first heard about it, I thought KFC had gone off the deep end . . . then I remembered what high school is like.