That’s right, Toys 'R' Us is closing up shop. The toy megastore is no longer. Geoffrey is out of a job.

Toys 'R' Us Is Going Down — Could Target Be Next?

Every kid’s favorite place to be a kid for the last generation or two is shutting its doors for good. That’s right, Toys 'R' Us is closing up shop.


Last Night, I Met “The Other Woman”

" Sure enough, the doorbell rang one early June day and there she was: curvy, seductive body, smooth black skin, bright blue eyes."


Dad Bloggers Take On Sexist "Amazon Mom" Program

Quick reminder that it's the year 2015. Keep that in mind as you ponder Amazon's insistence that only women can parent. 

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Internet Denounces Cosby, Shrugs At Woody Allen Directing New Show

What gives, Internet? Are we gonna do this whole holding-our-heroes-accountable thing or what?

Tom and Jerry character Toodles Galore (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Tom & Jerry Wasn't Just Racist, It Was Sexist Too

Cartoon programs aimed at kids have a long history of sexism and racism. And in many ways, those charming isms are alive and well today.

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5 Reasons to Watch Amazon's New Streaming Show, Transparent

George Bluth Sr. stars as a trans woman. So. Much. Yes.