Dad Bloggers Take On Sexist "Amazon Mom" Program

Quick reminder that it's the year 2015. Keep that in mind as you ponder Amazon's insistence that only women can parent. 

The e-retailing behemoth is under social media fire for its baby-products rewards program, which isn't called "Amazon Parents" or "Amazon Family" or something sensible like that, but rather "Amazon Mom." Because, apparently, only women—with their nurturing ways and home-cooking skills and general mother-ness—can rear children.

Interestingly, it's not moms who are up in arms about this retrograde name, but dads, who are understandably peeved that they're being sidelined as caretakers. Following the death of stay-at-home dad and author Oren Miller, the "Dad Blogger" Facebook group he started began pushing for a rebranding of "Amazon Mom," using the hashtag #AmazonFamilyUS.

Since then, the campaign has taken off, opening up a dialogue about how fathers are, like, interested in their kids' lives and play an important role and stuff.

Dear Amazon: Parenting isn't gendered. Do we really need to remind you of that in 2015?

Image: Flickr/Nava Atlas

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