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Confession: I Hate Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises can be a saving grace for some; for me they can be a major trigger.

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My Challenge List: How Embracing Challenges Made My Life Better

This article first appeared on The Refresh and has been republished with permission. 

“Six slick slim sycamore saplings and five thrifty, fun, fifty-somethings. . .” I chant along with the rest of the group as I try to slow my breathing. We finish our warm-ups and line up behind the door. Somehow, I end up at the front of the line, place my shaky palm on the door knob, and prepare myself to open it and walk on stage.

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How Irritable Bowel Syndrome Ruined My Mental Health

Since my own unwelcome relationship with IBS began, I’ve spent numerous days in the emergency department, lost several days off work, and, most disconcertingly, watched my mental health deteriorate. Read...
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I Was Diagnosed With Anxiety 5 Times Before I Took It Seriously

How can I sit here and encourage other women to talk about their mental health when I can’t even be honest about mine? Read...
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The Monday Blues Are Real — Here’s How to Beat Them, According to a Doctor

Your Monday blues are likely worse if you are going through something you can’t control, like fertility treatment, a parent’s illness, or project deadlines.

I am doing this at the risk of people who may criticize or question me, because at least some part of me knows: If I don’t, something worse will happen to me, and soon.

The First Time I Cared About Myself More Than The Consequences

Despite the possible consequences, I am allowing myself more than a mere moment to recuperate.

Does chronic anxiety ever make you feel like a flake?

Please Understand I’m Not A Flake, I Just Have Anxiety

Does chronic anxiety ever make you feel like a flake?

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My First Panic Attack

From the day that I had my first panic attack at age 15, my life was never the same. I looked up at my mother, wanting her to save me.