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Killer Mike's Weird, Sexist Hillary Clinton Snub

Last night, rapper Killer Mike was stumping for Bernie Sanders when he made a statement regarding the intersection of biology and politics that has pundits scratching their heads.


New Hampshire Elects Sanders And Trump: To Rejoice Or Weep?

Rejoicing or weeping will depend on who you are, but let’s look at what happened either way.


There's an ointment for that.

Ask A Feminist: Am I Betraying My Feminist Values If I 'Feel The Bern'?

Am I betraying the core values of feminism by voting for a man when there’s a woman candidate in the race?

Bernie being Bernie.

Bernie Sanders Thinks Women Should Stay Home With Their Babies

Let me repeat that, just in case you missed it. Bernie Sanders said that a mother "should stay home" with her baby. When I first heard that sentence, I looked at my teenagers, and began yelling, "Mothers?! Should?!" My oldest son, who is 17 now, shrugged and replied, "Well, they should stay home with their babies, right? I mean, isn't that a good thing?"

Bernie Sanders (image credit: Gage Skidmore)

White Liberals, Black Lives Matter Protesters Are Targeting Bernie Sanders (And Us) For A Reason

While Sanders is better than the clown car of horrors that is the Republican crop of presidential candidates, he's failed to listen to the BLM movement or even respond to protesters — twice.