the biggest loser

This show didn’t just do irreparable harm to its contestants, but also to the viewers of all sizes who tuned in every week to see supposed healthcare professionals model the idea that fat people need to be screamed at.

The Biggest Loser Might Be Cancelled And This Is Why That's Great News

NBC's The Biggest Loser might be cancelled after allegations of abuse and fat-shaming. Here's why it would be a GOOD thing if the show never aired again!


"Your Body Does Not Want You To Lose Weight"

Your body is smart as hell and it does not want you to die. If you start depriving it of fuel, it will slow down the rate at which you burn fuel and step up the desire to provide it with more fuel. In others words, you’ll burn fewer calories and you’ll be hungry all the time.


Alison Sweeney: The Biggest Loser Host

soap star. director. author. fitness ass-kicker.