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Your Childless Friends Are Allowed to Be Tired, Too

Ladies, sit down. We need to have a conversation. Childless women are allowed to be tired.  Read...
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These Women Don’t Want Kids OR A Career — And That’s Totally Fine

Women are always enduring the unwarranted, unsolicited opinions of others on how they should live their lives. Read...
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Why Millennials Are Choosing To Be Child-Free

One reason? Simply put, many Millennials can’t afford to be parents.

I’m not ready to be mom material, and for that, I sometimes feel intimidated by my friends.

All My Friends Are Pregnant & I Am Jealous That I'm Not... Even Close

Friends call — once or twice a month — to tell me that they are pregnant.I’m no longer over-the-moon happy for them; I’ve become jealous.


Why I Get So Frustrated With My Pregnant Friends And Friends With Kids

Logically speaking, I fully understood and appreciated the necessity for the shift, but my heart was far less forgiving.