Aunt Ginger: Let's Take A Look At The Big Picture

This week, Aunt Ginger wants to show you the Big Picture. Not that one, the other one.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Batgirl Variant Cover And Our All-Consuming Hunger For Violence Against Women 

Kidnapping and sexually compromising Batgirl at the hands of the Joker serves no purpose but to tantalize the rubbernecking mind.


Scandal Over Sexually Violent Batgirl Cover Reveals Changing Comics Landscape

Fans of Batgirl are fans of Batgirl. They buy her comic to see her being heroic, not to see her being a slasher movie victim.


Spider-Woman Makes Bootylicious, Misogynistic Debut

The latest female superhero is little more than sexually objectified eye candy. Are we surprised?


Watch: Seth Meyers Manages to Make New Yorker Cartoons Funny

Right up there with such comic atrocities as Close to Home and Ziggy, New Yorker cartoons are simply awful. So why not act them out live?