Five Words: Girl Scout Cookie Baking Mixes.

What could taste better than a sleeve of Thin Mints pulled from the freezer for a mouthful of cool, minty goodness? How about a tray of Thin-Mints-flavored brownies pulled from the oven for a mouthful of gooey, warm, minty goodness?

When he said he loved me, I knew it was true. Image: Melissa Petro.

Becoming Bride: The Engagement Party

When I first got sober, I started to accept that the “happy” occasions in life — holidays, birthdays and other special events — might not only feel happy. When I’m “supposed” to feel good, I feel nervous, anxious, and embarrassed. The center of attention, I feel vulnerable and on display.


@youdidnoteatthat: Delicious New Instagram Handle Calls Out Fashionistas' Fatty Food Choices

Our new favorite reason to check Instagram, @youdidnoteatthat, calls fashionistas out for gratuitous pics of mini cupcakes, milkshakes and other fatty foods.


Strangers with Cookies?! No Problem!

Leave it to parents to teach us all those pesky lessons in life, like some things are worth more than cookies and swimming pools. (Impossible.)