Strangers with Cookies?! No Problem!

This girl makes learning about stranger danger sound like a no brainer! Uh, cookies? Who wouldn't trust a guy with cookies?!

Her mom is busy getting her ready for the big bad world, and there this girl is, smiling like an effervescent chipmunk all ready for her free cookie bonanza.

Us? We're old sages. We know there's no such thang as free cookies (unless you're giving blood and really is that free?) but it's kinda nice — especially on Friday — to get a glimpse into the beautiful bliss of childhood naivete. And if ulterior ​motives weren't such a big thing, we'd all be chubby-bunny grins about free cookies too. Maybe

Mateo the cupcake boy and this cookie loving chica should hang out​!

Image courtesy of YouTube

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