Many curvy burlesque performers are making the art new and exciting.

16 Plus And Curvy Burlesque Dancers

Burlesque is one of the few remaining artforms where the public embraces curves, rather than fights against them. Here are 16 curvy burlesque dancers! Read...
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The best plus size rent the runway sites!

 The Best Plus-Size Rent The Runway-Like Services AKA Clothing Subscription Boxes  

Plus-size rent the runway services are becoming so popular. Finally, more and more of these clothing box services are popping up for women of all Read...
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Wearing heels to the pool. As you do.

Off The Cuff: Searching For Style When You're Not Loving Your Body

Maybe you want to downplay an area you’re feeling insecure about, maybe you’re not in the mood to wear eye-catching colors, but that doesn’t mean you Read...
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Just Because I'm Curvy, Doesn't Mean I Always Want A Pin-Up-Girl Bikini 

Dear bikini manufacturers: Not all short, curvy women want to channel their inner Marilyn Monroe. Read...
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