cyber bullying

Do they not realize that there’s a person on the receiving end of those words?

What It Feels Like Getting Bullied On Social Media 

Last month, I received the cruelest, most demeaning form of hate to date, on Twitter.

Online bullying can change how we behave in the real world.

Can The Effects Of Online Activity Impact Our Real Lives?

How experiences you have online can affect how you act in the ‘real’ world.

I was freaked out beyond belief.

I Was Cyber-Bullied. This Is How It Felt.

As a journalist and outspoken feminist, I always knew the risks of being online. I’ve read stories of extreme harassment and doxing, such as when a troll pretended to be writer Lindy West's deceased father or when game developer Brianna Wu received death threats and had to flee her home.


7 IMPORTANT Ways You Can (And Should) Fight Slut-Shaming

Sex at any age involves trust and self-exposure, but especially for adolescents just learning to trust themselves and their partners in relationships. When slut shaming exposes someone to intense humiliation and possibly further social ostracism, the emotional damage can be terrible.


Brave New World: Is the Dawn of the Digital Age Damaging Our Youth?

The internet is weird and gross and hilarious and helpful.