Brock Hansen

Brock Hansen


Brock Hansen, LCSW, author of Shame and Anger: The Criticism Connection, is a clinical social worker and personal effectiveness coach with over thirty years experience in counseling individuals with a variety of problems related to shame and anger. Educated at Johns Hopkins University and Smith College School for Social Work and trained in hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming, as well as cognitive therapy, he has a private practice in Washington, DC. He is also available for telephone coaching and speaking engagements and can be contacted by email at Other articles on topics of shame and eating disorders and emotional intelligence for kids can be found on his website at He lives near his DC office with his wife of 40 years, Penelope.  “Whether or not we think we can benefit from criticism, we are all going to get plenty of it and we might as well learn how to handle it effectively. Shame and anger will inevitably be involved and those powerful emotional responses so confuse and overwhelm our experience of criticism that we will have difficulty responding objectively and effectively.” (p. 21 of Shame and Anger: The Criticism Connection

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7 IMPORTANT Ways You Can (And Should) Fight Slut-Shaming

Sex at any age involves trust and self-exposure, but especially for adolescents just learning to trust themselves and their partners in relationships. When slut shaming exposes someone to intense humiliation and possibly further social ostracism, the emotional damage can be terrible.