I, like most moms, just do what feels right. Just like my mom did. Image: Thinkstock.

Mothering My Own Way

I wouldn’t say I’m the black sheep of the family, but I’m pretty sure my mom isn't surprised that some of the choices I’ve made in raising my son have been a little different from the way she did things. My mom gave us all she could. She stayed home to raise my sister and me for most of our childhood; she only returned to work to help put us through college.

It didn't occur to me that once our son was old enough to actually form opinions for himself, we might not have much in common anymore. Image: Thinkstock.

I'm Very Different From My Husband And Son — And That's OK

When I brought my son into the world, I thought that he would be an awful lot like me. He had to be, right? He grew inside me; I nourished him; I was the one home with him day in and day out during those very impressionable years, while my husband worked a grueling military schedule — yet there are few similarities to be found.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Gone Girl's Rape Problem

Although penned by a woman, the blockbuster book and film includes—and perpetuates—disturbing claims of fake rape.