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"The vibrant capital has thrived socially and economically because of multiculturalism." Image: Pexels

Post-Brexit London Has Been Scary. Here's Why I Still Feel Hope.

Two weeks after the UK voted out of the European Union, the dust has not yet settled. With the PM quitting, the Sterling dropping, and no apparent Brexit-plan — the aftermath has left many feeling uncertain. In a tense climate of racial commentary and unprecedented abuse, Brexit, thus far, has not been favourable.

“There are very obvious links from the outcome of the result and people using it like a catalyst to say things like ‘we are out of Europe so you now can’t be here’ or ‘go back home.’” Image: Alexas_Fotos/Pixabay.

Following Brexit Vote, Hate Attacks Sweep The UK

In the immediate aftermath of the United Kingdom’s narrow vote to leave the European Union, reports are emerging that there has been a significant spike in hate attacks targeting Muslims, people of color, migrants, and refugees.


Brexit Found To Not Actually Be About Breakfast At All

See, Brexit wasn’t anything light-hearted and fun. It was a referendum vote over whether Britain should remain a part of the European Union. It took place yesterday, and the people decided to split apart.


Sanctions for Dummies: Here's How We Play It

As things heat up with Russia (and all that Crimea stuff), here's a deeper look at the chess game of sanctions.


Olympics be Damned; Demonstrators Continue Their Bloody Protests with Ukraine Government

Putin has his plate full with controversies amid the Olympic games and the AP speculates he probably hoped Ukraine—with its Russia-leaning administ