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Feminists, It's Time To Get Real About Trump

Do you want a man known for calling people “losers” to be sitting at a table with all the major economic powers in the world and trying to work out international trade deals or arms agreements? Or do you think he’d offend everyone in the room so much that he’d turn us into a global pariah?

Flag of the Islamic State.

Ask A Feminist: What Do We Do About ISIS?

I’ve never read the Quran or attended a Mosque, but I’m pretty certain that if anyone had the chance to speak directly with the god Allah or the Prophet Muhammad, they would not be saying “Bitches be crazy, yo. Keep them bitches down.”

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Why It’s Time To Put A Stop To Feminist ‘Infighting’ Accusations

Speaking out for the rights of all women doesn’t make me a misandrist or an infighter.


Why We Think We're Better at Things Than We Actually Are

Welcome to the self-deluded world of illusory superiority.