First Woman

Mary Robinson, baddest bitch around (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

This Week In Pantsuit Politics: Ireland's Mary Robinson Will Definitely Make You Feel Like A Slacker

Robinson's touted as one of her country's most influential women. Also this week: Hillary heads to Iowa, and we meet France's political star.

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13-Year-Old Mo'ne Davis Joins Ranks of Women of Color on Historic Magazine Covers

Mo'ne Davis has made history is more ways than one. Here are some other knock-outs who have done the same.


A Woman Just Won Math’s Highest Prize for the First Time

Told as a child that she wasn’t talented at math, Maryam Mirzakhani just made history.

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The First Female Country Music Star Turned the Tables on Gender Expectations

“Queen of Country” Kitty Wells paved the way for later female artists while questioning post-war women-blaming.


The First Woman Arrested for Protesting Alabama’s Bus Segregation Wasn’t Rosa Parks

Claudette Colvin was the first woman to defy the order to stand. Yet her tale has been largely lost to history.


The Ruined Reputation of China’s First and Only Empress

By normal measures of imperial China, Empress Wu Zetian did a pretty solid job. So why has she been impugned in history?