George W. Bush

It's probably not terribly surprising that W. is willing to question Trump. (Image Credit: Instagram/georgewbush)

#RavsRadar: Sounds Like George W. Bush Is In Favor Of Investigating Trump On Russian Ties

As the weeks of the Trump administration march awkwardly on, the question of


Why Obama's "Anger Translator" Routine Has Become A Viral Sensation

The Obama administration has been famously successful at

OMG isn't Dad embarrassing?! Courtesy of, Facebook

Obama Girls Aren't The First To Be Ridiculed, And They Probably Won't Be The Last

In the wake of GOP aide's Elizabeth Lauten's outburst, we remember ridiculed daughters of administrations past.

Honey, putting your boobs on Instgram will ruin your shot at being a state representative. Credit: Thinkstock

What Does Teen Sexting Mean For The Standards Of Future Politicians?

If "everyone" is doing it, will the future be more forgiving of public expressions of sexuality?


Quote of the Day: Abortion Law HB 2 Is "Disingenous And Incompatible" With True "Health And Safety" Concerns

On this one, we're the opposite of wanting to mess with Texas.


Sweet Justice Served: George Will Canned for Offensive Rape Victim Comments

Columnist George Will has officially been fired from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for his god-awful statements about rape. It's about damn time.