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Inequality In Healthcare: Does Money Buy Better Medicine?

Preventative healthcare is a pain in the ass.

"If you could get your period to last only 20 minutes, would you?" Image:

Did You Know About This DIY Method That Can End Your Period In 20 Minutes?

If you could get your period to last only 20 minutes, would you?

I don’t regret a thing. I feel no guilt, because I know what I did was the right thing to do. Image: Thinkstock.

5 Things I Regret About My Abortion (That Aren't My Abortion)

When I found myself facing an unwanted pregnancy, and after having spent the good part of two years pregnant, I knew right away that I would have an abortion.

I just wasn’t getting signals that I was as safe as I needed to be. Image: Thinkstock.

My Therapist Fired Me — And I'm OK With It

My therapist of six months — let’s call her L — was letting me go. It was so subtle that I wasn’t even sure what was happening; I had to ask.

Young people deserve to have information about where, when, and how to access abortion. Image: Thinkstock.

Why We Need To Include Abortion In Sex Ed

Even though in the U.S., abortion is a safe and legal option, conservative lawmakers in my state have made sure that among the hundreds of regulations restricting access to legal abortion, restricting the mere mention of it in public schools is up at the tippy top.

"A slew of new apps have cropped up that allow patients to have an e-consult (or video consult) with a provider in their state." Image: Pixabay, kaboompics

New Apps Let You Get Birth Control Right Through Your Phone

Modern technology is creating a work-around for the hassle of getting birth control — and putting it right on your phone.