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The Last Remaining 9/11 Search Dog Has Died

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear collars and leashes.

Patsy Cline and husband Charlie Dick's graves in Shenandoah Memorial Park, VA. Image: Sarah Stierch (CC BY 4.0)

Visiting The Grave Of Patsy Cline, A Hero I Didn't Know I Had

[CN: mention of intimate partner violence] Patsy Cline sang with such a beautiful range of emotion because she had experienced so many ups and downs in her own life.


Dear Haters, YOU Are Why Caitlyn Jenner Deserves Her Courage Award

Being terminally ill, black, gay, or transgender doesn't alone make your courageous. What takes courage (and it takes so much it’s hard to imagine where it comes from) is the willingness to shed the identity others expect or impose on you and adopt the identity that is truly yours . . . and fully own it.

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Michael Brown Doesn’t Need To Be A Hero For Ferguson to Matter

Attempts to salvage Michael Brown's character and portray him as angelic detract from the bigger issues at play.


The Asian Comic-Book Superhero You Never Heard of is Getting a Second Chance

Originally created in the throes of World War II, the Green Turtle is finally getting the backstory and racial identity previously denied him.


Clint Eastwood Finally Redeems Himself After Empty Chair Fiasco

The Western front hasn’t quite been the same since Clint Eastwood showcased his senility last election.