I only took a few drags, not sure how I would handle it, and not wanting to get too altered, after all these years. Image: Thinkstock.

Domestic Dope: One Housewife, Half A Gram, And A Clean-A** House

I’ll be the first to admit that a large part of my twenties was spent in a euphoric haze brought on by fairly regular pot smoking. I loved the stuff — and it certainly loved me. I don't feel I ever had a “problem” with it, but I did feel a strong pull to have it in my life.

What a "friendly, bread-sharing weirdo."

How To Channel Your Inner Homesteading Hippie Mama (No Matter Where You Live)

...canning stuff is the best. It makes you feel like a badass pioneer woman preparing for the Oregon Trail except in this scenario you’re making orange basil marmalade for brunches rather than sustenance and you have unlimited access to a shower.


How “A Little Better” Saved Me From Perfectionism

A couple years ago, I started down a path of living a more natural, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Where's that lip stencil? (Credit: YouTube)

100 Years Of Beauty Trends

A riveting new one-minute video got us thinking: How has beauty evolved over the decades?


Pornhub Gets it On With the Environment

There are already ways to recycle sex toys and buy vegan lingerie. Now, Pornhub is planting trees to give America (get it?) wood.


Ayahuasca for the Masses: Are We Misusing a Sacred and Powerful Plant?

The use of hallucinogens in spiritual practice has existed for thousands of years, and we as a species show no sign of slowing down.