Yep. It's a poop emoji.

Can Your Baby's Poop Reveal How Smart They'll Be? Apparently.

A new study shows your baby's poop can indicate how smart they'll be when they're older. Here are the details you need to know!

Trump just told Russia secret info provided by Israel. Ignorance leads to some pretty heinous consequences. (Image Credit: Di Michael Vadon via WikiMedia Commons)

Welcome To The WTF Zone: Trump 'Accidentally' Tells Russia Espionage Intel

The information Trump shared with Russia was given to U.S. intelligence agencies by a partner entity, and that partner had NOT given the United States permission to spread it around — because doing so could compromise the investigation.

How much do these tests REALLY tell us?

Standardized Tests: Intelligence Indicator? Load Of Crap? Worth The Stress?

Standardized tests are taking over the world. I can say this because it is true. Like a creeping vine that seems attractive and charming at first, tests appear to be reasonable for the data and direction they can provide.


Does Literary Criticism Suffer From Elitism?

We asked Flavorwire journalist Elisabeth Donnelly what she thinks about the state of literary criticism. Her answer? It's "exciting and scary."

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History Of The Femme Fatale: Part II

The second part of our series delving into the deadly-sexy woman archetype.


The Problem With Racial Fetishization

Fetishizing women of color isn't a compliment. It's just another form of objectification.


Start Your Kid Army Now! (Children as Young as 5 Can Learn Calculus)

Kids are known for being eerily on point with life facts, but new research suggests that