intuitive eating

The idea that there are foods that we “shouldn’t” eat comes from the ridiculous idea that we can’t make choices for ourselves.

5 Foods You Should Never, Ever Eat (No, Seriously)

We’ve all seen it: the advertisement lingering on the righthand side of your browser, with the words “5 Foods You Should Never Eat.” Read...
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I Tried Eating A Ketogenic Diet; Here’s What Happened

I want to establish for you, that this wasn’t a moment of “weakness.” The choice to eat something, is a choice, not a personality flaw. Read...
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Beyond Before & After
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I'm Not Pregnant, But I Look Like I Am 

I look pregnant. This body has made six humans. This belly has been inflated and collapsed and inflated and collapsed, and so on. What should it Read...
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Beyond Before & After
If donuts are a true culinary gift, Gordough’s is culinary Christmas morning.

Intuitive Eating In Austin: Tacos And Donuts And More Donuts, Oh My

There is a version of me that would have shoved another taco down the hatch and spent the rest of the night feeling like my heart was on fire and Read...
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Beyond Before & After
A lot of the diet industry is full of garbage ideas. (Image Credit: Unsplash/Sasha Freemind)

10 Lessons I've Learned In 10 Years Of Eating Disorder Recovery

When I was first diagnosed with anorexia ten years ago, I vaguely knew that eating disorders were a feminist issue. But this knowledge basically Read...
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Self-care and health go hand in hand with #ditchthediet2017.

8 Secrets From Health Gurus That Are Actually Helpful

FAST, EASY RESULTS! SHEDS POUNDS INSTANTLY! NEVER FEEL TIRED AGAIN! There are are a lot of things to avoid out there (See: Above). Ridiculous claims Read...
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It's not the food you need to watch out for.

The Completely Unexpected Side Effect Of Intuitive Eating

When I first learned about a non-diet approach to eating (which you might call intuitive eating, attuned eating, or just “listening to your body and Read...
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Intuitive Eating: Life-Changing Practice Or Just Another Diet?

I’ve never trusted my body — at least not in the time I have real memories of having feelings about my body. I suppose, like most women, my Read...
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