8 Secrets From Health Gurus That Are Actually Helpful

Self-care and health go hand in hand with #ditchthediet2017.

Self-care and health go hand in hand with #ditchthediet2017.




There are are a lot of things to avoid out there (See: Above). Ridiculous claims are made, unrealistic health fads are adopted and immediately abandoned, people feel duped and even more exhausted than before.

It’s time to throw out all the noise and keep things simple.

Whether you’re a resolution-making type of person or not, we can all stand to create healthier lifestyles for ourselves. Below are a few tips that are 100 percent spam-free and can actually help real people.

1. If it’s revolutionary, dramatic, sexy, or featured in an infomercial, you already know the chances of it working.

Avoiding fads, extremes and deprivation of any kind is a good place to start. Sure, some people are benefiting from juice cleanses, kale obsessions, or stores of quinoa in their pantries. But ultimately, balance and incremental life changes will be more effective than calling that number that promises a free keychain and yoga mat with purchase.

2. Refuse to think in calories.

The numbers to be concerned about are the number of ingredients in whatever you’re consuming. You body knows how to digest clean food properly. It doesn’t always know what to do with preservatives, fake sugars, or overly processed snacks. “Fat free” doesn’t matter, and is probably worse for you. Sugar isn’t the enemy either. Your brain needs glucose to function, after all.

3. Get enough water and green vegetables first, then eat whatever you want.

Often, cravings are just your body’s way of telling you it’s not getting the nutrients it needs to run at top speed. It doesn’t mean we should just pack in anything we can find. Make sure you’re partaking in a whole mess of vegetables every day, then go ahead and have some carbs or desserts, whatever it is that you gravitate towards. You won’t experience as many swings and you’ll still be able to indulge in what you love. Depriving yourself puts you on the fast track to giving up. 

4. Eat mindfully.

Be aware of what you're consuming. Put it on a plate rather than hovering over the sink and losing track. If it sounds diet-y, it’s not, it’s just knowing what you’re putting in your body. Sitting in front of the TV with a bag of chips often means not even fully enjoying the eating experience because you’re paying attention to something else. 

5. Eat things that will satisfy your hunger.

Most cereals will make you starving in about a half an hour, but granola with ancient grains and nuts will really make you feel full and actually fuel you, too. Go ahead and get that burger at lunch, just maybe replace the fries with a vegetable side if you haven’t had many of those yet. Proteins and fats are your friends. 

6. Stress level is key.

Stressing out is incredibly damaging to your body. Find a good relaxation activity that you enjoy — deep breathing, adult coloring books, screaming as loudly as you can in a closet somewhere, luxurious bubble baths — whatever you consider fun. Reduce anxiety by thinking or focusing on one thing at a time. If your mind is taking you to ten places at once, slow it down and go step by step.

7. Timing really is everything.

Eat first thing, right when you get up. Skipping breakfast is horrible for you. Breakfast kickstarts your metabolism and sets you on the right path for the day. And it's a good idea to save the big meals for way before bedtime, as being super-full can prevent you from getting good sleep. This step alone can make a lasting impact.

8. Know what works for you.

Everyone is different. I eat chocolate every single day and I insist that keeps me sane and healthy. Listening to your body and staying consistent matters more than anything else. Be realistic and aware of what’s actually motivating for you, specifically.

Once you experience some of this advice actually working, it will in turn motivate you to maintain that lifestyle. You know, the good kind of cyclical. Life is complicated enough on its own so there’s no need to add more to it. Best of luck with ditching diets and avoiding condescending gimmicks. 2017 should be about cutting out the nonsense.

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