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5 Things Women Over 30 Aren't Supposed to Wear, But Totally Should

If fashion bloggers are to be believed, the moment a woman turns 30, she undergoes a horrifying physical transformation that leaves her incapable of wearing most of what’s in her closet. So imagine my surprise when the clock struck midnight on my 29th year and I did not, in fact, sprout a pair of horns.


Newsflash: ManServants Are Not A Sign Of Feminist Progress

Why is the media licking the boots of a company who offers men licking boots?

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Hugh Hefner And Bill Cosby: What Happens When Your Friend Is A Rapist?

It's not easy to reconcile caring about someone with allegations of abuse against them. But sometimes, it's necessary.

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In Praise Of Selfies: How They Are Battling The Patriarchy

Generation Z doesn’t need your validation.

George Michael Bluth by day, indie musician by night. Courtesy of Wikimedia

Michael Cera Wrote an Album That's Awesome. Guess Which Celebrities Didn't

Compared with other celebrity attempts at "music," Michael Cera is a god.

#DownWithTheTrolls (Credit: ThinkStock)

Ravishly Stands with Jezebel Against Violent Misogynistic Trolling

We’re proud as hell that Jezebel is standing up against the terrorization of commenters. Sadly, they are far from alone in battling online misogyny.


Lena Dunham on Vogue (loves), Jezebel (not so much) and those Retouched Photos

Were you offended when Jezebel offere