Breaking News: You're Not A Weirdo For Having A Kink

Got a kink? Think you’re weird because of it? Turns out, nah. Kink is in!

Thrones and cages and dungeons, oh my. Image: David Shankbone/Wikipedia.

Traveling While Kinky? KinkBNB's Got You Covered

Back in the old days, before the Internet was in our pockets, finding a vacation rental involved travel agents. Finding a vacation rental equipped with kinky sex equipment...Well, I don’t know how that would have worked. Luckily for all the fetishists out there, those dark days are behind us.


After Years Of BDSM, Missionary Position Is Now My Biggest Perversion

I kind of like looking like a boring straight couple and knowing that when we get back home it's going to be biting and spitting and face slapping.


When Scary Sex Games End in Death: The Sordid Tale of Le Cousins Dangeroux

A recent story involving ropes, alcohol, drugs and incest serves as a kinky sex cautionary tale.