Lady Gaga

image credit: Lady Gaga via Instagram

Lady Gaga, The Super Bowl, And Half-Assed Body Positivity

Too often people claim that they are practicing Body Positivity when in fact they are perpetuating fatphobia and/or using healthism and ableism to justify sizeism.


Meet Elena Lenina, the Russian Lady Gaga—And She Doesn't Even Sing

This model, author and TV personality has become the fashion empress of all things weird. And we kind of love her for it.


Video Chat: Helping Long-Distance Friendships Everywhere

Beyonce and Lady Gaga agree: video chat sessions via Skype or FaceTime are an awesome way to stay close with old friends.


90's Grrrl Power Lives on in the 21st Century

Beneath the ear-worming melodies and undeniable pop-froth of the '90s was a latent feminist agenda that's still informing the woman I am today.


Shia LaBeouf, Please Take That Stupid Bag off Your Head

At first, we thought Shia LaBeouf wearing a paper bag over his head was straight-up insane.