Mark Zuckerberg

Given their unfair and potentially exploitative access to the personal life details of millions of voters, in an ideal world, social media tycoons wouldn’t run at all. (Image Credit: Instagram/@zuck)

Is The Next President Coming Out Of Silicon Valley?

Americans deserve to vote without being unwittingly “nudged,” “tweaked,” or otherwise manipulated by those with the most power and most incentive to do so. Ergo, any candidate from Silicon Valley needs to be treated with an excess of skepticism.

Not that weird, folks.

Calling All Dads: Facebook Sets The Tone For Paternity Leave

Facebook is just one of a number of Silicon Valley firms offering paid leave to workers — whether that’s maternity or paternity.


Mark Zuckerberg Strives For Telepathic Communication

Mark Zuckerberg, the famous/infamous founder of Facebook, believes that telepathy is the future. 

(Pause for reaction.) 


Hypocrisy, Not Just for Politicians Anymore! Meet the Bishop of Bling

German bishop dropped a blasphemous $43 million on renovations for his home—sadly, he's not the only corrupt figurehead.