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Serena And Me: Not Even Celebrity Moms Can “Have It All”

Watching Serena Williams’s difficult pregnancy, and health scares I saw her as a mere mortal for the first time in the documentary Serena And Me.

"Her personal Twitter account qualifies itself as “the ultimate destination for #WomenWhoWork." Image: Twitter

Ivanka Trump In Hot Water For Her Hypocrisy

Donald Trump’s already limited credibility continues to disintegrate daily. Melania has been called out for working in the USA while on a tourist visa. The Trump brothers are raising the ire of animal lovers in response to their big-game hunting photos.

Etsy is the most recent tech company to jump onto the gender-non-specific, extra-long paid parental leave bandwagon.

Etsy Announces Awesome Extended Paid Leave For Parents

The online company just announced that any employee is eligible for 26 weeks of paid leave after the birth or adoption of a child. That’s six whole months of paid leave!

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Maternity Coaching Aims To Support Pregnant Women In The Workforce 

More and more programs are offering services to help companies support and retain women during their maternity transition.