"Sort of the way they brought the Garden of Eden to life, complete with dinosaurs and humans living together."

This New Kentucky Attraction Is Possibly The Strangest Attraction

Have you ever wondered what Noah’s Ark looked like? Would you like to go inside the Biblical vessel and see how the last family on earth after the Great Flood lived and how they kept all the animals? Well, you’re in luck! Tomorrow a museum called the Ark Encounter is opening in Kentucky!


150 Homeless Folks Invited To A Private Tour Of The Sistine Chapel

Sometimes it's really (really) difficult to remember the good in our world.


Cindy Lozito: Artist, Illustrator

Spotted at: Yerba Buena Gardens, SF


Possible Holy Grail in Spain Causes Museum Shutdown, Mayhem

People are eager to cite artifacts as belonging to Jesus—is this Spanish chalice the real deal?