Fox says goodbye to good sense. (Image Credit: YouTube)

With Megyn Kelly's Departure, Fox News Is Headed For Straight-Up Propaganda Land

So I’m writing today from Elevation 8,080 ft., here in Avon, Colorado.

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Shame On You NBC: Law & Order SVU's GamerGate Episode Was 40 Minutes Of White Male Rape Fantasies

"The Intimidation Game" didn't confront violence against women. It whispered, “you can do it champ, the dream can be yours.”


The Dangerous Conflation Of Race And Reliability In News Anchoring

With Brian Williams starting a six-month suspension, it would make sense for NBC to consider giving a woman, or dare-I-dream-it, a minority a chance.


BREAKING NEWS: Uma Thurman Looks Different!

Throw your computer against the wall. Leave work. Storm the streets.

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Gender Limitations In Pretend Play—And How Allison Williams Helped Me As A Father

Despite the swordplay failings in Peter Pan Live , I must applaud NBC for removing a brick in my daughter's gender wall.

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Internet Denounces Cosby, Shrugs At Woody Allen Directing New Show

What gives, Internet? Are we gonna do this whole holding-our-heroes-accountable thing or what?


Christin Cooper’s Interview of Bode Miller: Hard-hitting Journalism or Generally D*ck Move?

In the interview now heard ‘round the world, NBC’s Christin Cooper drove bronze medalist US Olympic skier Bode Mi


NBC, Are You Tough Enough for Sochi?

NBC secured the gig, but can they deliver the goods?