BREAKING NEWS: Uma Thurman Looks Different!

Throw your computer against the wall. Leave work. Storm the streets. Uma Thurman looks different, and we aren't having it!

At a premiere in Los Angeles for her new NBC miniseries The Slap, the Kill Bill star had the audacity to stroll the sacred red carpet with minimal eye makeup. And wait, it gets worse. Her hair was also slicked down. With her bold brows and lips, it was almost as if the woman was committing the blasphemous act of following a beauty trend. 

Worst of all, Uma posed for pictures with her costars Thandie Newton and Melissa George as if nothing were amiss. Does this egomaniacal fille de joie really think she can get away with changing her hair and makeup (both!) without feeding the insatiable gossip-monger beast with an explanation? Doesn't she realize that her face—which may or may not have undergone plastic surgery, that harlot!—belongs to us? 

I urge you to join me today in the streets, fighting for our right to control the appearance of celebs. If we don't speak up . . . who will? 

Image: Twitter

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