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 Plus-Size Women Are All Out of Cookies For Straight-Size Men

True allyship is often done behind the scenes.

Nike's Pro Hijab is designed with female Muslim athletes in mind. (Image Credit: Instagram/manirostom)

#RavsRadar: Nike Sports Hijab Is Coming Soon

Nike is getting ready to debut a line of sport hijabs for Muslim athletes.

"Nike has managed to show what the bras look like on several sizes of breast AND on bodies in motion while wearing the bras." Image:

Finally, A Sports Bra Line Featuring Non-Tiny Models

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Sports bras also come in all shapes and sizes. And now, Nike sports bra models (and their breasts) come in all shapes and sizes.

Wonder what she's thinking about? (Credit: ThinkStock)

Brilliant Woman Invents Phallic Fitness Routine, Inspires All 

Claire Wyckoff has concocted an interesting running routine: run in the shape of dicks, then share on social media. In short, she's our hero.


Father’s Day Gift Guide: 6 Presents that are Better than a Tie

Father's Day is this Sunday. Mix up the gift giving with whiskey, USB chords, shoes and more.


Behold the Ugly Sandal, A.K.A. The Shoe You’ll Be Wearing All Summer Long

Call it normcore, call it a revolt against stilettos, call it uglier than the Kardashian Sears Kollection, the ugly sandal is the must have shoe for summer 2014.