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'The Sqweel' promises to simulate oral sex. And you can charge it in your car. What does it all mean?

New Sex Toy 'The Sqweel:' Sounds Like A Tool For Crafters, But Is Probs A Whole Lot More 'Exciting'

There is now a sex toy called the Sqweel that looks like a cross between an Epilady and something you would find at a craft store, maybe in the rubber stamp section. It’s supposed to look like a wheel of tongues, but honestly? I think it could also be used to paint borders on decorative plates or something.

image credit: Jenni Berrett

Cunnilingus 101: 4 Tips For EVERYONE (Ahem, Guys)

The vagina is as magical and beautiful as a unicorn gallivanting through a sea of daisies on a warm spring day. Therefore, the vagina should be treated as a magical and beautiful creature: with care love and endless devotion.


Ask #AuntGinger: My Man Won't Reciprocate Oral

This week in Ask #AuntGinger: oral sex. 


Listful Thinking: 7 (Fabricated) Reasons Behind NC + LA's Oral Sex Ban

It has come to our attention that the fair states of Louisiana and North Carolina prohibit oral sex. Why, oh why, would someone do such a thing?


C*m Cocktails! (And Other Oral Sex Myths)

Before coming (ha!) into our sexual maturity, we had one question about oral sex:

“How does it taste?!”