C*m Cocktails! (And Other Oral Sex Myths)

Before coming (ha!) into our sexual maturity, we had one question about oral sex:

“How does it taste?!”

And while most of us sex-lovin' adults are generally amped to go downtown and nosh those naughty bits like a vulture ... have you ever noticed that the flavor varies a bit? It's not your imagination and it's not what you had for dinner lingering on your tongue. Food affects the taste of everybody's je ne sais quoi. So one brave couple set out to see what does (and what doesn’t).

Pineapple Juice
This totally makes a difference for dudes, but not for us ladies. Fierce female Rachel documented that her man’s spunk tasted “not coconut crème brûlée sweet, but sweet enough to neutralize any harsh flavors.” 

Not terribly significant. Rachel reported that there were no harsh notes in the c*m cocktail, but little change. No change for her lady-bits either.

Nothing. Zip. Zilch.

The pineapple juice rumor panned out, but that was it. Hilariously, there are also some ridiculous cunnilingus myths out there. Remember the father from My Big Fat Greek Wedding who was convinced that Windex could cure everything? Well, apparently kids these days seem to think j*zz is Windex, i.e. a cure-all for all sorts of sh*t. It’s rumored to clear acne, make your boobs bigger, and whiten teeth. Wow. Then there’s Michael Douglas who believes — and rightly so — that going downtown may have caused his throat cancer. Ugh, that is not sexy talk on a Friday people. Moving on!

Happy sucking and bon appétit.

Image: courtesy of Flickr

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