Who wins in the battle of rude?

Dear Bernie And Hillary: Could You BE More Childish?

Up until recently, you had both run your campaigns on what you stood for and your proposals for running this country. There had been a snide remark here or a little jab there, yes, but as a whole, you were looking ahead and running your own race, rather than the race others were running. You both stuck to your own lanes. You took your hurdles in stride, paced yourselves, and focused on running the best race you could.

Images: Wikimedia Commons

Taylor Swift, Katy Perry And The Enduring Power Of The Sexist Catfight

Why do we assume women only fight about men?

Clearly, this woman is miserable and wants a baby ASAP. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Watch: Jennifer Aniston Slams Tabloid Haters, Talks Feminism

Jen has a message for everyone who thinks she can't be happy without a hubby and a baby. And it's a doozy.

Stop. It's too cute. I'm going to cry. (Credit: Facebook)

Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon Split: Was An Age Gap To Blame?

Mariah is 45. Nick is 33. Did this difference play a role in the unraveling of a once-golden couple?


C*m Cocktails! (And Other Oral Sex Myths)

Before coming (ha!) into our sexual maturity, we had one question about oral sex:

“How does it taste?!”