Jessica Martin-Weber

Jessica Martin-Weber


Drawing from a diverse background in the performing arts and midwifery, Jessica Martin-Weber supports women and families, creating spaces for open dialogue. Writer and speaker, Jessica is the creator of,co-creator of, and co-creator of, she co-parents her 6 daughters with her husband of 16 years and is currently writing her first book and producing her first conference, MiLK: An Infant Feeding Conference in partnership with MommyCon.   The arts have always been a major part of Jeremy Martin-Weber’s life from music performance and composition to drawing and acting. Now a writer and speaker, Jeremy spends much of his time managing the technical and business aspects of the websites he owns with his wife Jessica, while co-parenting their 6 daughters. Living in the Pacific Northwest, Jeremy enjoys gardening and playing music with his family.

Jessica Martin-Weber Articles

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Why I Understand Hillary Clinton's Problematic Treatment Of The "Other Women"

I cannot approve of nor fault Hillary for doing what strong women with ambition and leadership capabilities have known for hundreds of years: to survive in a world dominated by men, sometimes you find yourself picking your battles and aligning with the very ones that would wage war against you.

San Francisco Protest

Coming Out: MY Gay Agenda and Fundy Transformation

"...gayness was everywhere in music and theater. I couldn’t escape it. I resisted, I resisted it hard but still they pulled me in and drew me, seducing me with their rainbows and show tunes."


Is Your iPhone Sexist And Racist?

"It appears that Apple finds sexism and racism is a bit… well, predictable. Even in texting. At least, that’s what it seems to be with Apple’s program."

Jeremy and Jessica Martin-Weber

Egalitarian Marriage, When Spouses Are Equal

It has been 18 years since we got married and in our first visible act of equality in our relationship, we both hyphenated our names, taking each other’s last name. From the very beginning, as we attempted to define what we wanted in our marriage working primarily from knowing what we didn’t want, we determined a foundation on which to build.

Can a feminist vote for Bernie?

Thank You Gloria and Madeleine, I Can Decide My Vote For Myself

If I vote for a candidate it will never be because of what is between their legs, for their chromosomes. Just like I don’t want to be held back or advanced because of what is between mine, I look for something more. A candidate gets my vote because of their voting history as a politician, their position on the subjects that are important to me, and their track record.

Epic milk

Facebook, Remind Me Again, What Breasts Are OK?

"Their careful managing of she-breasts is understandable given the archaic notion that women’s bodies are sex traps for men and really, many of us appreciate the efforts to minimize objectifying women and putting a full stop on focusing on female bodies as purely for the pleasure of the male gaze."

"Venting to my partner, to the universe, to friends, at my computer, into the phone, toward the kitchen sink full of dishes — you name it, I had vented about the current political season and campaign rhetoric multiple times… a day. I wanted to wonder where this outburst had come, from but I didn’t have to search far."

What The 2016 Election Has Taught Me About Parenting 

While it is important to me to teach my children why I vote and have the political leanings I do, it is equally important to me that my children are critical thinkers who can decide their own political leanings when they are adults.

Who wins in the battle of rude?

Dear Bernie And Hillary: Could You BE More Childish?

Up until recently, you had both run your campaigns on what you stood for and your proposals for running this country. There had been a snide remark here or a little jab there, yes, but as a whole, you were looking ahead and running your own race, rather than the race others were running. You both stuck to your own lanes. You took your hurdles in stride, paced yourselves, and focused on running the best race you could.