Watch: Jennifer Aniston Slams Tabloid Haters, Talks Feminism

Clearly, this woman is miserable and wants a baby ASAP. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Clearly, this woman is miserable and wants a baby ASAP. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Tabloids often treat celebrities who are probably totally decent people with mud-slinging nastiness. At best, dealing with the deluge of drudge would be daunting; at worst, it'd be emotionally damaging. Luckily, Jennifer Aniston has hit upon an elegant solution to the problem: be funny and badass, and speak up.

The private life of this funny lady—best known for playing Rachel Green on Friends—is routinely splashed across tabloids for all to devour. Is she lonely? Miserable? Baby crazy? Obsessed with Angelina Jolie? Forget the drought and all Middle Eastern conflicts! This is news! 

Personally, I've never understood the appeal of tabloids. I remember reading a few as a tween, and feeling let down. The shit that actually happened at the Valentine's Day dance was way juicier than speculations about some rich strangers. I now think of it more like spying on a stranger's Facebook account; sure, there's lots of gossip, but none of it affects my life. It's not like Kim Kardashian's ass has any influence over legislation (. . . right?). So why bother? 

Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way. In 2012, The Independent tab attracted approximately 5.3 million readers per month to its website and print publications combined, while The Daily Mail attracted 6.8 million viewers to its website alone. This means that there are plenty of people agog over Aniston's would-be pregnancies and could-be breakups. And guess what: People are judgey. 

Recently, Aniston sat down with Carson Daly to shut down the haters. She told Daly that she doesn't feel her worth and value as a woman are tied to her marital or parental status (who woulda thunk!), and that there's no to-do "checklist" for her personal understanding of feminism.

Then, she pointed out something pretty cool: Creation is a form of birthing. You know when you work on something super-hard and you jokingly refer to it as your "baby?" There's a reason for that. You put something of yourself into anything you introduce to the world, be it a painting, event, garden, theorem or blockbuster movie. 

Start the video at about 2:15 to catch Aniston's best pearls of wisdom. Then stand in solidarity by not purchasing that latest issue of Star the next time you're at a checkout stand.



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