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Shulevitz thus calls for a feminism — one that she calls “caregiverism” — that “demand[s] dignity and economic justice for parents dissatisfied with a few weeks of unpaid parental leave.” Image: Thinkstock.

If Childcare Is The Key To Gender Equality And Parental Happiness, Can We Get It Now?

Judith Shulevitz recently noted in the New York Times that although “unmarried childless women have overcome every barrier to opportunity you can think of... Mothers, on the other hand, aren’t doing nearly as well.” According to Shulevitz, this is because the feminists of Hillary Clinton’s generation focused on demanding equality for women in the workplace.

"Her personal Twitter account qualifies itself as “the ultimate destination for #WomenWhoWork." Image: Twitter

Ivanka Trump In Hot Water For Her Hypocrisy

Donald Trump’s already limited credibility continues to disintegrate daily. Melania has been called out for working in the USA while on a tourist visa. The Trump brothers are raising the ire of animal lovers in response to their big-game hunting photos.


American Parents Are Miserable — But Not Because They're Parents

Are you a parent? Do you feel unhappy? Do you feel constantly stressed? Do you wish you could take a breather without worrying that you'd be losing pay or potentially losing your job? Is childcare eating up more of your income than any other expense?

When my child is hungry, there is no option but to feed him. Image: Thinkstock.

The Idea Of 'Me-ternity' Leave Isn't Just Insulting — It's Detrimental

In the nearly six months since I welcomed my first child, I haven’t slept more than five consecutive hours. So excuse my audible groan upon hearing of Meghann Foye’s call for “meternity leave.”

Etsy is the most recent tech company to jump onto the gender-non-specific, extra-long paid parental leave bandwagon.

Etsy Announces Awesome Extended Paid Leave For Parents

The online company just announced that any employee is eligible for 26 weeks of paid leave after the birth or adoption of a child. That’s six whole months of paid leave!


Mom Whose Infant Died On His First Day Of Daycare Asks "Why?"

Amber Scorah's son Karl was three months old when she dropped him off at his first day of daycare. When she returned two and a half hours later to breastfeed him on her lunch break, he was dead.