Having A Baby In The NICU Shattered My Beliefs About Control

Having a premature birth destroyed my long-held conviction that health problems are largely preventable or at least explainable, Read...
Watching twins for eight hours made me rethink everything.

My Nephews Taught Me That I Didn't Want Kids

Now I’m not jumping on the bandwagon of women not having kids as some sort of comment on society or being rebellious about social expectations. It’s not like those reasons aren’t valid, but they are just not mine. When my dad mentions kids and then laughs when I say I’m not interested, I don’t get angry. Because in all honestly, I can’t say that I’m a definite on not having kids for life, I am only twenty-three. But this feels like the right decision, so I’m definite with the idea right now in the moment.

Life with little ones is never the same again.

8 Places Parents With Small Children Can No Longer Go

Everybody who’s a parent can attest to the fact that the lives they once knew are far behind them.

Owning your choices as a parent rocks (Image Credit: Unplash / London Scout)

Opting Out Of Pre-K: Totally Okay

You'll have to excuse me while I sit myself down for one stern-ass pep talk about the importance of trusting my gut, having the courage of my convictions, and marching bodly ahead in my resove to absorb every last minute I get with my growing girl, knowing that never again will these days be upon me.


Motherhood And Impostor Syndrome

"Impostor Syndrome is the unwanted caboose on the train of motherhood. It is the trailing thoughts that give you the absurd ideas that you are a fraud."