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What Parents Need to Know About Technology Addiction

A typical teen's day includes up to nine hours of texting, gaming, watching videos, and posting on multiple social networks — even while doing homework. It's enough to make you wonder: Is my kid addicted to technology? Read...
When I look into his eyes, I see my own. And in them, I see the disease we share reflected, bipolar disorder.

I Gave My Son Bipolar Disorder

I look in his eyes and I see my own. I see pain and confusion; I see the boy I loved so dearly and the man I love even more. I gave my son bipolar disorder.

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As A Mom In Recovery From Heroin Addiction, Here’s Why Sesame Street’s New Character Matters

When it was announced last week that “Sesame Street” had created a new character, Karli, whose mom is struggling with addiction, I couldn’t hold back my tears. Read...
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How To Deal With Children’s Difficult Questions About Divorce

During a divorce, children often have questions; they can come at the least expected moment. Read...
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When The Opioid Crisis Hits Home

I witnessed my son's decline and felt helpless because I couldn't control his destructive behavior. As a parent, I'd lived my life protecting my child until I was pushed to the backseat when the disease of addiction took over. Read...
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The Hardest Thing About Being a New Mom Is Staying Off My Phone

[I]t’s been said that distracted parenting can be detrimental to both children and their moms, to blame for everything from stunted child development to language delays, even more irritated parents.  Read...
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How I Got My Toddler Back On Books After She Got A Taste Of Screen Time

Eight clever and creative ideas for making reading time as fascinating as screen time. Read...
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The Ugly Truth Behind Pretty Pictures

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