I can foster confidence in hands-on parenting. I'm teaching my child what I never learned.

This Is How It’s Done: Teaching My Child What I Never Learned Growing Up

By learning from my husband what confident parenting looks like, I can foster confidence in hands-on parenting. I'm teaching my child what I never learned.

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Ask Erin: I Want A Fresh Start

It’s hard because even though I have accepted my flaws from the past, I'm fearful that I won't get respect from others. I also fear people will only think of me as a liar when I'm not—anymore, at least.  Read...
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My Closet Is A Fashion Graveyard; It's Time To Bury It

My closet is like a fashion graveyard, the final resting place of all the people I thought I wanted to be over the years.

I’ve never felt so clean. Image: Thinkstock.

How I Discovered Healing And Self-Care By Cleaning Out My Old Crap

I was drowning in stuff, and felt constantly tired — even though I’d made an art out of trading in my old clothes at secondhand stores, minimizing expenses, and sharing apartments with strangers. Something felt fiscally oppressive despite the fact that I’ve never owned a house, a car, or anything larger than my bed.


Making Sense of Germanwings Flight 9525

Tragedies take time to process.


The Shifting Demographics And Social Dynamics Of Being A Maid In America

Full-time servants played a pivotal—and complicated—role for elite families of the past. How has this relationship evolved?

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Study Reveals Sexual Harassment Leads To "Insidious Trauma"

Now, what can we do to leverage this research into action?


The Beatles' "Love Me Do" Celebrates 50 Years of Exceedingly Dumb Lyrics

The Beatles' "Love Me Do" peaked at #1 today, 50 years ago. Too bad it has the emotional depth of a Ke$ha song.