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The Ugly Truth Behind Pretty Pictures

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Watch: Fitness Blogger Takes On Photoshop, Body Image, And Trolls

Are you 100% happy with your body? I'm not.


Kim Kardashian's Photoshopping Ways Send Dangerous Message To Daughter

Naya Rivera was right; as a mom, Kim shouldn't have stripped down naked for Paper. But not for the reason you think.


Dutch Woman Fakes Trip To Southeast Asia, Highlights Universal Truth

We all lie online—even those of us with the good fortune to travel to exotic beaches.

Ummm, did the token Asian call in sick? Courtesy of Colleen Criss

Why Dove's "Real" Beauty Campaign is a Load of Crap

A father began a petition asking Dove to fess up to their Photoshopping. Request? Denied.


Minnie Driver, Beyonce and the Bikini Body Bashing Brigade

Let the ruthless bikini insults begin! (God, it's hard to be a woman.)


Why We Should Listen to Lorde: Worshipping Photoshopped Celebs Costs Us $152 Billion a Year

Lorde is fighting back against ridiculous Photoshopping and the pursuit of physical perfection, a self-loathing national pastime that fuels a multi-billion dollar industry.


Lena Dunham on Vogue (loves), Jezebel (not so much) and those Retouched Photos

Were you offended when Jezebel offere