Tell your child something that they need to hear: they are safe, and you will stop at nothing to make sure that is always the case.

Tell Them They Are Safe (Even When You Don’t Believe It)

Children are not good at understanding odds. Tell them they are safe (even when you don't believe it).

The author with her dear friend. (Image: Stache)

Call Me Mary Poppins: In Praise Of Positivity  

Maybe all of those people who distanced themselves from emotion and frowned upon my "Mary Poppins" outlook had been right all along.

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Eating Too Many Oreos? How About Some Shock Therapy Instead!

This is an article about a real product that exists, that was designed to deliver an electric shock, to YOUR BODY, to stop you from eati


From Old Navy To Viral Sensation: Interview With Rachel Taylor

"It’s about realizing that we’re all flawed, but also knowing that your flaws don’t define you."


Awesome Lady Shuts Down Fat Shamers And Looks Fabulous

Give a big thanks to Rachel Taylor, ladies.


Jen Lancaster: Blogger Turned Bestselling Author 

Because, you've gotta live life to write about it.


"Go Find The Beauty In People And Tell Them": Interview With Calvin Liu, Co-Creator Of Outpour App

A new app is countering the often noxious world of online interactions via positive affirmations. We catch up with one of its founders.

If you need me, I'll be eating this because I'm awesome and I want it. Credit: Thinkstock

Just Say "No" To National Comfort Food Day

This is not a holiday that warrants celebration.