Awesome Lady Shuts Down Fat Shamers And Looks Fabulous

Give a big thanks to Rachel Taylor, ladies. The wedding photographer showed the Facebook world that she loves her plus-size body after facing an awkward situation in an Old Navy store. 

"I was shopping in Old Navy, standing between a teenage girl and her mom,” Taylor wrote on her Facebook. “The girl picked up a plus-size tank top, showed it to her mom and said, 'Look! Me and So-and-so can fit in this tank top!' Her mom laughed and said, 'Yeah, you could! That thing is huge!’  I couldn't help it; I started crying . . . I sat in the car crying for a long time but eventually went back inside to finish my shopping. I ended up buying that tank top because, it turns out, I look fierce in it!"

She then donned the tank and posted it on her Facebook for all the world to see. 

"Shopping for cute plus-size clothes that fit me is a stressful process to begin with. It's hard and takes a toll on my self-esteem, so overhearing that conversation really hurt my feelings," said Taylor in an interview with US Today. 

You go, Taylor. She gave inspiring advice at the end of her photo. 

“Be kind. Think about others before you speak. And if someone hurt you, you have to move on." 

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