Rand Paul

The GOP has been promising to kill Obamacare since before it was even passed so they won’t back down now. They’ll just keep getting weirder until they pass a bill or lose their majority in Congress.

Healthcare In 2017: 'When The Going Gets Weird, The Weird Turn Pro'

This week saw a new high-water mark of professional-level weird in the Senate Republicans’ attempts to repeal Obamacare and replace it was a set of tax cuts, paid for by kicking 14 million people off Medicaid.

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Mansplaining Highlights Of #GOPDebate

On Thursday night, 17 Republicans sparred in two debates for a record-breaking audience of 24 million, and 15 months before voting day.

Michele Fiori

Nevada Lawmaker: "Hot Little Girls" Need Guns To Stop Rape

Also this week in "pantsuit politics": Rand Paul makes a ridiculous parody Hillary Clinton Pinterest page.

Karen Danczuk (Credit: Twitter)

This Week In Pantsuit Politics: British Councilor Told She's "Too Pretty"

Also this week: Angela Merkel is a boss, and Rand Paul blames Hillary for ISIS.

Zoe Konstantopoulou

This Week In Pantsuit Politics: Greece's New Parliament President Stands Up To Sexist Bullies

Also this week: Scotland's first female prime minister continues to kill it, and Hillary takes on anti-vaxxers.


Why do Republican Women Participate in the War on Women?

The GOP's rebuke of the Paycheck Fairness Act has once again raised questions about the party's battle against female rights. Sadly, it seems, GOP ladies are also on board in the fight.