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Ask Erin: My Husband Is In Recovery, But I Can't Move Forward

I'm proud he's in recovery and that my kids now have a sober dad. But I'm so hurt at everything that has lead up to now. I don't know how to move past this. Read...
I’m proud of you right now, even with all the sadness. Image: Thinkstock.

A Letter To A Mom Friend Heading To Rehab

I’m proud of you right now, even with all the sadness. Proud of you for heading to rehab, leaving the kids, the man, the house — all of it — to get on top of things. Doing it instead of just thinking about it, talking about it even, hemming and hawing? That’s pretty badass.


Molly McAleer: Hello Giggles Co-Founder, Renaissance Woman

I sat down with Molly to discuss her writing, the entertainment industry, rehab, and the less glamorous side of Hollywood.

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Chris Brown's Depravity By The Numbers

It doesn't take a mathematician to determine our culture is seriously messed up for (consistently) promoting this (totally) awful performer.


Kesha Sues Producer Dr. Luke For A Decade Of Abuse

Dr. Luke is being accused of sexually assaulting Kesha and encouraging her eating disorder. What a peach.


Occupy Protester Advocates For Women's Rights Behind Bars

Cecily McMillan is part of a community of female inmates pushing for basic human rights in the clinker.


Heroin, Painkillers, Booze? Nope...the Internet. China Sends its Technology-Addicted Youth to Rehab

As someone who is on public transit in a major U.S.